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Sun City Grooming is open and have COVID safety measures in place so you can safely drop off and pick up your pets. Both you and your furry family will love the Sun City grooming experience!

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About Us

Our team is led by Dorothy Aman who has over 35 years of experiencing, grooming in Arizona. Dorothy is considered one of Arizona´s top and most well-known groomers. Having worked throughout the Valley and with competitions, grooming show dogs, her experience and knowledge help provide the best care and service to each client. Ï treat every pet as I would want my own dog groomed and have a passion for my work and a love for animals¨.

All of the products used, shampoos, conditioners, massaging oils are all organic and non-animal tested. We do not use any products with dyes or perfumes. Our goal is to always create a pleasant and safe experience for every pet that comes through our doors.

Sun City Grooming Uses Most Effective Bathing Systems

At Sun City Grooming, we take grooming your furry baby to the next level. Introducing the most innovative pet bathing system that cleans your furry friend quickly, efficiently and, most importantly with less stress. By investing in new Prima Bathing Systems, we achieve better pet grooming results, reduce the stress on your pets all while helping to save water.

Go to Sun City Grooming For A Better Grooming Experience

With our new Prima Bathing Systems, shampoo and water solutions are mixed under pressure with oxygen. Air-injected LV/HP applicators allow the shampoo to cut through oil and dirt on a pet’s coat and skin, providing a cleansing you cannot get with any other method. There is simply no better way to help your furry friends look and feel their best.

Using Prima Bathing Systems, your pet’s epidermis is rejuvenated by oxygenating underneath its fur. In addition to opening the pores and removing oils and bacteria, it helps restore a youthful sheen to the animals’ coats, skin, and nails. Pet owners tell us this is one of the main reasons they keep bringing them back to us.

At Sun City Grooming, we make sure that your furry baby gets the best bath ever. Older pets often experience higher stress levels during grooming sessions. Our new cleaning system allows us to quickly and efficently give them a low-stress, yet deep cleaning experience.

Remember, at Sun City Grooming, big or small, we love them all.


Sun City Grooming Equipment

What We Do at Sun City Grooming


Brushed and bathed

Each dog is brushed and bathed prior to his/her trim. We use the best organic shampoos All our dogs are professionally air-dried for the best results. At Sun City Grooming your furry baby will love their Spa time.

Grooming and brush out

After the bath, the dog will be groomed based on previous discussion and direction with the pet owner. Once complete a bath and brush will complete the hair trimming process. We also check for any unusual bumps and lumps that are noticeably present.

Pad Cleaning

Pads will be carefully cleaned to remove all hair and assure the areas are clean so your pet has no discomfort walking, running, or playing. We also inspect for any foreign objects including ticks.

Ear and Eyes

It is important to clean ears and eyes to avoid infection this may include a trim of ear hair and careful cleaning again with soft organic products.

Glands expressed

Anal glands can be expressed to avoid infection and to avoid discomfort, this is an important part of the grooming schedule for optimal health.

Offering Cage and Cage Free

At Sun City Grooming we offer a cage or cage-free environment with an exercise area. So your furry family has the choice to meet friends or stay solo. The choice is yours at Sun City Grooming. Remember big or small we love them all.

Where Love and Caring for Your
Furry Family is our Top Priority

Dorothy Help Me,
I’m Having a Bad Hair Day

Sun City Grooming has the very best dedicated groomers that put passion for your furry babies beyond anything else.


What makes Sun City Grooming the place to go

Three experienced groomers who put the safety of your furry baby first. We use two straps impossible to fall off the table and or hang. We work on one dog at a time from start to finish. Unlike others who pack in as many as they can and wash multiple dogs in one sink, we don’t do that.

Each one of our spa guests gets the royal treatment. We bathe our dogs one at a time and one dog in the bathtub; we also dry our dogs and fluff dry( no cage drying). We do anal glands; if the anal glands aren’t checked could result in a vet visit.

We do all-size dogs. We are a very relaxed, happy environment. Dogs that visit us are always wagging their tails when they come. We also do creative grooming, which is color. We use all-natural safe colors for dogs; we can do ears, tails, and pom-poms on poodles. It’s fun, and the dogs love the attention; that is a long process, so expect a more extended stay at the shop.

All 3 of us ladies have worked together for 14 years. We are a team. Cindy has 30 years of experience, and I have 35years of experience. Chastity has 15 years, starting with being a bather for groomers, then her mother and I taught her the art of grooming. Together we developed Sun City Grooming to make sure the area had the grooming in the area as people want nothing but the best for their furry babies that are part of their family.

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