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Cat Grooming in Sun City The professional groomers at Sun City Grooming are pleased to announce cat grooming services. While Dorothy and her team have been well known and recognized throughout the Valley for their top-rated dog grooming services for years, the business is now expanding to include services for our feline friends.

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As most pet owners know, cat grooming services are usually more difficult and time-consuming than services for dogs. For this reason, the first step of the process for our new cat grooming services involves an assessment of your furry friend’s coat condition and behavior. Please be aware that if a cat shows any aggression towards our delicate and caring staff, a cat collar or cat muzzle may be necessary to complete the grooming process.

We offer water baths and a blow dry to cats if the owner requests it and the cat tolerates it. For our feline customers, we first check their nails to determine if a second groomer is required – one to hold the cat and the other to do the clipping. You may choose between a regular cut or a lion’s mane cut, depending on your pet’s preference.

Sun City Grooming Also Offers Bath And Brush Services For Long-Haired Cats

As many cat owners are aware, felines have very thin skin, so it takes patience and a very delicate touch to properly groom cats. As always, we do our very best to achieve your desired results in a setting designed to keep your furry friend calm and tranquil throughout the Cat grooming process.

So for all you pet owners out there Sun City is again proud to have a new service as at Grooming in our area s in high demand.

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